CFO’s - Does your budget include enough expenditure for this?

The NZ finance landscape is changing and cyber security is at the forefront of CFO’s & board executives

Incidents of fraud increased by 28% in NZ for 2023 year with the 2024 year expected to be even higher.

IT security expenditure which includes protection for finance teams and outgoing payments is expected to hit the $1 billion dollar mark for NZ for the first time ever. 

We are seeing a big surge in awareness from IT, Audit, and Risk, finance teams and boards are now actively asking senior leadership teams what additional resilience and protection has been added to processes and procedures.

Detailed financial audit and risk reporting are also much higher up the agenda for boards as they want a lower exposure and to reduce their appetite for risk.

VigilantPay can protect your company's cash and brand from the damage fraudsters are getting away with on an alarming scale.

The full solution for a medium-sized company starts from under 7k p.a + gst and provides immediate real-time protection because it’s simple to implement, an attractive feature IT departments like as they are busy fighting other fires.

Have a chat with us and explore a demo of VigilantPay. You will be very surprised at the features and functionality we offer.

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