PBT Transport rely on VigilantPay for 10,000 payments per month

VigilantPay gives PBT Transport the confidence and controls to ensure they pay the right person.

PBT Transport is a transport, courier, container, and logistics company operating throughout New Zealand. The business relies on VigilantPay as an internal control to ensure close to 10,000 monthly payments are fraud and error free.

Having recently implemented a new ERP system, VigilantPay was the final piece in the puzzle, to ensure sound internal controls around invoice payments and payroll. PBT is seamlessly able to track payments going to their suppliers, drivers, and staff through VigilantPay, eliminating the risk of payment fraud or payment error.

VigilantPay has picked up several items that would likely have been missed, including several incorrect bank accounts that came about when changing other systems within the business.

PBT have implemented VigilantPay so that several team members are able to upload payment batches and bank account files, and several senior team members, including the CFO and HR Manager, are able to then review and approve payments remotely through the system, without having to review each of the circa. 10,000 single line items individually.

“VigilantPay is an easy to use, internal control tool that gives us confidence that we are paying the right person. The VigilantPay team have been great to deal with, in particular, with our recent payroll system migration. I see the system having real value for all organisations of any size.”

Tonia Still
General Manager Finance 

VigilantPay is an online payment fraud and payment error detection software for medium to large organisations. To see how the system can help your organisation, click here


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