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Harbour Hospice: Payment confidence for New Zealand based not for profit.

VigilantPay gives Harbour Hospice confidence that funds raised through hard work and dedication are used as intended, on patient care.

Harbour Hospice operates 2 inpatient units, 1 respite care unit, a range of community services, and 17 retail stores throughout the northern Auckland region. The not-for-profit organisation rely on VigilantPay to give them confidence that their payments to more than 100 vendors and 220 staff are in order.

VigilantPay fraud detection software is utilised by the organisation to help protect against payment duplications, ghost employee fraud and creditor fraud to name a few. As a not-for-profit, the organisation identified the importance of having strong controls in place to protect against any mismanagement of funds raised.

With a smaller team, like many other regional not-for-profits, VigilantPay helps segregate duties, automate manual payment reviews and highlights key changes in payroll and creditor batches.

“With VigilantPay I am notified whenever bank account or creditor information is changed in our system, making it extremely difficult for anything to get by unnoticed. Identifying these changes can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack, but with VigilantPay they are flagged for me, making the process quick and easy.”

Paul Roberts
Chief Financial Officer

The organisation believes that the mere presence of VigilantPay is in itself a deterrent from any would-be perpetrators, who know that there is a software that will flag any new or varied payments for the organisation.

At the end of each month, the organisation is able to review the system-generated audit reports, and compare them against bank records to identify any payments that for whatever reason didn’t go through and evaluate further.

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