Protect against business payment fraud and errors before they happen.

Our elegant solution protects your organisation and captures business email compromise, cyber security fraud and prevention of payment errors.


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Payments protected in 3 simple steps

VigilantPay Drag and drop file process

An elegant solution that fixes a real business problem

VigilantPay sits between the Payroll and ERP systems of an organisation and their banking platform, analysing proposed payments prior to the bank being instructed to make payment. By being embedded in these payment and approval processes VigilantPay assists by automating robust checks and ensuring separation of duty.

VigilantPay performs a range of cross checks within seconds that are not humanly possible to perform in real-time during the crucial approval stage. When erroneous payments are detected it also highlights that other controls have failed.


VigilantPay - Protect against business payment fraud Anonymously checks other VigilantPay users make
payments to the same payee(s)
Group 36 Maintains a verified public creditors list
Group 36 Stores and checks against your historical payments in real-time
Group 36 Cross-checks Payroll, Creditor and Bank data in real-time
Group 36 Automates the onboarding and verifying of suppliers’ payee details and
maintains them for your master suppliers payment records
Vigilant Pay - Safeguarding your business payments

Protecting $Billions of payments annually

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Intuitive, integrated. Automated real-time analysis.


VigilantPay - Protect against business payment fraud

Up and running within hours. No project, no delay.


Compatible with your existing payroll and ERP systems

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Explore features

Explore features

Take a deeper look at some of the VigilantPay features and benefits.


Real-time protection for your organisation

Financial security with VigilantPay

Financial security

VigilantPay catches erroneous and fraudulent payments before they go to the bank, stopping any financial loss.

Because payments are picked up early, businesses also save on audit costs, system changes and other disruptions.

Protect against reputational fall out

Protected reputation

By stopping payment fraud before it happens, businesses also protect against reputational fall out from customers, staff, investors and other key stakeholders.

Furthermore, fraudsters are more likely to target organisations they know lack secure systems.


What our customers say

"VigilantPay identified several incorrect bank accounts that appeared when we changed over ERP systems."

"We trust VigilantPay monthly to identify bank account changes, payments to employees and other anomalies requiring our attention."

"With 3 sites, 17 retail stores, 220 staff and more than 100 vendors, VigilantPay gives me and our Board confidence that our funds are being spent as intended."